Royal Blue

Most days I style my outfits around the shoes I want to wear. Today I went for these white sky high mules from Target! Paired them with a fun royal blue maxi and a cropped top.

20150611_021444-01 20150611_021505-01 20150611_021526-01 20150611_021546-01

This entire outfit was thrifted, shoes, handbag, skirt, and top. I frequent my local thrift shops on a weekly basis and you would not believe some of the things I have found. Did you know Target donates all its unsold items to Goodwill? Last weekend I found a Lilly Pulitzer for Target sundress at Goodwill – guess how much I paid for it….. $3.99. NEW WITH TAGS.
I am considering doing a monthly post on my best thirft shop finds, but am wondering if you all would be interested… any thoughts?

Yours in Style,

Megan Signature GOLD

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