Zacasha – the original Tassel Necklaces

Sharing my not so festive St. Patty’s Day look. Clearly, today while I was getting ready I did not remember it was St. Patrick’s Day, and wore not a lick of green.

I styled this gorgeous marsala Zacasha tassel necklace, adorned with an elephant (said to bring the person wearing it peace + good luck!) This gorgeous necklace is handmade in Indonesian villages by artisans.


The different Indonesia islands have very special crafts and artisans. It is only from certain islands one can find the skill and specific craftsmanship to produce the necklaces she envisioned.

The island of Madura’s specialty, is necklaces with tiny knotting between each bead. Using this technique Jennifer designed necklaces made of crystals, Mala beads, fresh water pearls from the island of Lombok and lava stone beads from the volcanoes of Mt Batur in Bali and Mt Semeru in Java.

The Mala bead is made from the seeds of the Ganitri tree, found almost exclusively in Indonesia. The Ganitri seeds are mystical and used by the Hindus and Buddhist priests as their prayer necklaces. A Hindu priest will give you his protection by offering you a Ganitri seed necklace.



shop the look

Marsala Button Down c/o Banana Republic (thrifted)
Pants c/o H&M
Tassel Necklace c/o Zacasha (here)
Mules c/o Target (similar here)
Alice Clutch c/o Linell Ellis (here)
Bracelet c/o Shop Rag Reveil (here)
Druzy Ring c/o Boho Luxe Jewelry (here)

Yours in Style,

Megan Signature GOLD


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