Hey ladies!!

A few months back I stumbled upon the luxurious Coxy  handbag label and was instantly in love! There was a contest going on, in which you had to create a look using your favorite Coxy bag, one winner would be chosen to win the bag from their look. I submitted my entry and to my shock, I WON!

Coxy(this was the outfit I submitted!)

Patiently I waited for my beautiful hand-crafted Italian Leather handbag to arrive, I choose the Coxy Media bag, in Night ($760).

I have been the proud new owner of this gorgeous bag for about a week and am quite simply obsessed! I am not one to spend hundreds on handbags (now shoes, that’s another story…) but after caring around this baby, I now totally see why women shell out the big bucks for their bags!! I can speak to the quality of this bag, gorgeously stitched, with attention to every detail!



Yours in Style,

Megan Signature GOLD


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