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Happy Monday Dolls!

We all love shoes & shopping, right? Here’s a great brand that offers stylish shoes at an affordable price, AND gives back! Blukicks!
Living in sunny Florida and being a mermaid at heart, I loved this company as soon as I found them and was lucky enough to receive a pair of the Bengal Tango kicks! (as well as a pair for one of my girlfriends!!) These shoes will only set you back $58!


These shoes are sooo comfortable! I typically wear a 7.5 -8 depending on the brand, I went with a 7.5 and they fit like a dream! I absolutely love the colors as well (which are fish inspired!!).




Blukicks donates $1 from each pair of shoes sold to help protect threatened habitats:

Bonefish and Tarpon Trust works to conserve and enhance global bonefish, tarpon and permit fisheries and their environments through stewardship, research, education and advocacy.

WildAid is focused on fighting illegal wildlife trade by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and comprehensive marine protection efforts. WildAid has been a leader in the fight against banning shark fin soup consumption and the group continues to advocate for the protection of sharks and their habitats around the globe.

For the Fishes is a small charity focused on solving a specific problem — protecting Hawaii’s coral reef fish, including the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, from wildlife trafficking for the aquarium hobby. For the Fishes works with local governments and the public to raise awareness and pass legislation that strives to put an end to this misguided practice.  “

Be sure to sign up for Blukicks newsletter and receive 15% off your first purchase!
Which pair are your favorite? Comment below!

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